Le disgrazie d'Amore
Antonio Cesti
Hyperion CDA67771/2

Maria Grazia Schiavo: Soprano, Furio Zanasi: Baritono, Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani: Tenore, Cristiana Arcari: Soprano, Paolo Lopez: Soprano, Antonio Abete: Basso, Enea Sorini: Basso, Luigi De Donato: Basso, Gabriella Martellacci: Alto, Carlos Natale: Tenore, Francesco Ghelardini: Controtenore, Martin Oro: Controtenore, Elena Cecchi Fedi : Soprano


Maria Grazia Schiavo produces characterful recitatives and shows herself mistress of Baroque rubato in her arias. Zanasi creates a sympathetic and beleaguered husband… Maria Cecchi Fedi is, as ever, wonderfully expressive and natural in the role of Friendship. The excellent countertenor Martin Oro makes a meal of his juicy part as old lady Avarice… Francesco Ghelardini, enlivens the small part of Courtier with his beautiful timbre
Opera News
A comedy of amorous intrigue, satirising the venal appetites of the gods in music that is graceful and shapely
The Daily Telegraph
A lively and stylish performance
Most of these singers are accomplished, but the male soprano Paolo Lopez as Cupid is truly exceptional. The sound is good and the music is well-crafted with some echoes of Monteverdi's Poppea
BBC Music Magazine
There's a freshness of invention in these early operas which is still immediately attractive today … Musically there's much to appeal … This is a performance which invites sustained listening. Partly it's the sheer variety of voices and moods which helps conjure up the action in the theatre of the mind, partly it's to do with Cesti's powerful recitative and arioso, but in large measure it is to do with the variety of pacing, careful characterisation and engaging singing from the cast under the direction of Carlo Ipata
International Record Review