Flute Quintets Op. 19
Luigi Boccherini
Hyperion CDA67646

Carlo Ipata, flauto traverso

Luca Ronconi, violino 

Francesco La Bruna, violino

Teresa Ceccato, viola 

Luigi Puxeddu, violoncello


These are enjoyable performances. Number 4 is particularly attractive, with its beautifully paced Adagio assai, lyrical flute and virtuoso cello playing
Early Music Review
I was pleasantly surprised with this disc. The music is typical Boccherini, charming and with a certain amount of energy…but the performances by Auser Musici flow beautifully. They have both inner energy and a smile
Listening to these six quintets, one is immediately captivated by a charm and invention that, while of a different nature, easily equals that of Haydn or Mozart … The playing is exceptional … Beautifully recorded in the Oratorio di S Domenico, Pisa, this is an auspicious debut for Auser Musici on Hyperion. Further recordings are planned - let's hope we don't have to wait too long for them
International Record Review
These are delightful works played with  a persuasively affectionate period-instrument style with a felicitous lead from the nimble and gently expressive flautist, Carlo Ipata. 
Early Music Review
Finest of all is the opening Allegro of the G-minor Quintet, a movement of tensely swirling, surging passions. The Italian ensemble Auser Musici …capture admirably the spirit of Boccherini's multi-faceted world
These are delightful works played with a persuasively affectionate period-instrument style, with a felicitous lead from the nimble and gently expressive flautist, Carlo Ipata. Hyperion do the players proud in their debut recording; we shall surely hear more of them