Auser Musici: 10 years of Baroque theatre!

The theaters are closed, but the music goes from the rooms of the Teatro Verdi of Pisa and from all the Italian and foreign theaters where Auser Musici has performed in the last ten years. We are about to inaugurate a column that will bring you on some of the most significant productions from 2010 to today with interpreters such as Maria Grazia Schiavo, Filippo Mineccia, Raffaele Pé, Fratelli Colla and many others. Follow us in the next few days! Do not miss the live streaming!


Il Gran TEATRO del mondo

Until June 4th, each Thursday at 18:30 in streaming Facebook

  • on May 7 Le disgrazie d’Amore di Antonio Cesti with the soprano Maria Grazia Schiavo
  • on May 14 Il Catone di Händel with the contralto Sonia Prina
  • on May 21 Bajazet di Francesco Gasparini with the controtenore Filippo Mineccia
  • on May 28 Il Girello di Jacopo Melani with the tenore Alberto Allegrezza
  • on June 4 L’Empio punito di Alessandro Melani with the controtenore Raffaele Pe