Giuliani Giovanni Francesco

(Livorno ca 1760 - Firenze post 1818)

We do not know if Giuliani had his first musical training in the town of Livorno. He studied violin with Pietro Nardini and counterpoint with Bartolomeo Felici in Florence. During his career he never moved from Florence: he played as first violin in the Teatro Nuovo, then from 1783 to 1798 he directed the orchestra of the Teatro degli Intrepidi and finally he taught singing and declamation in the Academy of the Fine Arts - where he taught the composer Ferdinando Giorgetti. He was a violinist but also harpist and teacher of harpsichord. Giuliani was one of the few Italian authors of the end of the eighteenth century who did not need to move in order to study and spread his music: he surely had some good contacts, because he published some of these works in the European cities that were the most important for the musical publishing trade - London, Paris, Amsterdam. In Giuliani’s production the influence of Maestro Nardini, that reveals itself in the rigour of the musical form - most of all in the concerts -, and the influence of t Haydn’s music are very clear.

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DIGITAL CATALOGUE · Works of Giuliani Giovanni Francesco

Vocal Music

Vocal Chamber Music

Notturno "Che quel cor"
Notturno "Tra i mesti miei pensieri"
Instrumental music


Sinfonia in Re Magg.


3 Concerti per clavicembalo op. 4
Chamber music


3 Quintetti op. 3


3 Quartetti per archi op. 10


6 Trii con Viola d'Amore

Single instrument compositions

12 Sonate per arpa